Viseart Grand Pro Palette – Overview and Swatches

Viseart Grand Pro Palette

Viseart Grand Pro Palette

The Viseart Grand Pro palette is a thing of matte eyeshadow dreams.  It is limited edition with 30 shades and only 3000 were made.  I did not sign up for the pre order because life got in the way. However, when the black Friday discount code from Love Makeup came into my mail box I was very happy to see that the palette had not already sold out and that I could still get my hands on it.

Viseart Grand Pro Palette
Top left – Amethyst Theory Palette, Top Right – Grand Pro Palette, Bottom Left – Editorial Brights Palette, Bottom Right – Dark Mattes Palette

Other Viseart Palettes

You can read one of my previous Viseart review’s here.  I love them and the Amethyst theory palette is a staple in my makeup bag.  If you think  the Viseart Grand Pro palette may not be for you, think again because if you have the Fenty Galaxy Palette, Urban Decay MoonDust Palette or any other shimmer heavy palettes you need this one too.

Viseart Grand Pro Palette
The ‘easel’ packaging is the same as the Theory Palettes

On Deep Skin

If you have a deep skin tone don’t think that the two lightest columns won’t work for you.  You can make them work and do some beautiful gradient eye looks by applying them to the deeper darker shades.  If you are not interested in blending your perfect shades, don’t bother with this palette but if you are all about the creativity, try to get your hands on it.

Viseart Grand Pro Palette

Dupe shades

Top right and bottom right are from the neutral matte palette (01 palette).  Row 3 shade three and Row 4 shade 4 are from the amethyst palette (Theory 04 which I have) Bottom left, the white is from the editorial brights (08 palette) which I have and Bottom Row shade 4 is from the cool neutral palette (07 palette)

Viseart Grand Pro Palette
Columns 1 and 2


The palette full price was £140 for 30 shades which is £4.67 per shade or £2.33 per gram which is way cheaper than many pro brands and a lot cheaper than many ‘drugstore’ brands.

Viseart Grand Pro Palette
Column 3 and 4

Final thoughts.

With Viseart Grand Pro palette you can pop shades out so you can make your own palette.  Actually there is no need to because the easel-esque packaging is super sleek.   If the current layout does not work for you – it is also possible to change the configuration of the shades – but I wont be doing that. I like how the rows are laid and I find it very straightforward to use.  If the cost if prohibative for you consider splitting the palette with a friend and choosing the 15 shades that would work best for each of you.  The flexibility is there and the quality of their matte shadows is unsurpassed.  If you love your matte shadows, and you are an eyeshadow fanatic, it really is worth it!

Viseart Grand Pro Palette
Columns 5 and 6

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