Celebrate the new decade Dior: Party in Colours

The Dior Party in Colours palette is spectacular and I’m excited to feature it on my blog. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will be aware that on the makeup side it is now very much dominated by Pat McGrath. I make no apology for that. I stan and will continue to do so but that does not mean that I have no appreciation for great makeup in other lines. Holiday released can often be a sea of re-promotes and concepts that don’t hit the mark but Dior’s Happy 2020 Party in Colours Palette stands out from the pack.

The Concept

Peter Phillips the Belgian master makeup artist who is the creative director at Dior took over from Pat McGrath in 2014. I’ve picked up a few Dior products over the years but the Dior Beauty aesthetic has always been quite classically elegant whilst my style is more bold and vibrant. Phillips was previously the creative director of makeup at Chanel for 12 years. The Happy Holiday 2020 collection is inspired by fireworks, and is a vibrant celebration worthy of a new decade. The collection contains limited edition lip, nail and eye colours. Dior are famous for their quints and have produced two for this collection. Celebrate in gold is quintessential Dior. Five shades based around black brown and gold. Beautiful but not my think. Party in Colours, is in my opinion a true reflection of new year, new decade firework display.

Party in Colours

Party in Colours is a jewel toned palette featuring blue, green, yellow gold and pewter. Embossed with the year that it celebrates and firework images it is a thing of beauty The emerald, green pink and pewter shades are metallic with reflex particles that add to the party on the lids. The blue is a beautiful cobalt shade but whilst it lacks shimmer, it is a beautiful shade in it’s own right. The Dior packaging is solidly elegant. The navy blue packing is a welcome relief from the standard black of other luxury fashion houses. The applicators are redundant, in my opinion and I really wish that luxury brands would stop including them in palettes. The level of pigmentation is intense without being overpowering. The formula can be used wet or dry and it is more gel than powder so intensity is never lost.

Final Thoughts

I love this palette. What better way to bring in the new year. Of the five shades, only the green duped by a Pat McGrath shade in my collection (Blitz Emerald). I do not regret this purchase at all and in a sea of nude, neutral and taupe palettes, Party in Colours stands out in the best way. If you are not a Pat McGrath stan but the idea of a palette of her special shades appeals to you, this palette will probably fill the gap. If you are looking to mark the new decade with a makeup bang, I would highly recommend this palette.

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