Holiday Eyes: Lierac Soothing Eye Balm and Mask

My eyes are an areas of my beauty routine that I do not pay as much attention to as I should.  I am more worried about being hydrated and dealing with random breakout then my eyes but I am making a concerted effort to do more.  I am fortunate that I don’t have wrinkles around the eye area but I am beginning to notice dark circles and  a bit of creepiness on the lid.  For this reason I decided to get a bit proactive for my flight routine and seek out  an eye mask.

I  wanted something that was going to be effective at hydrating the eye area without giving me puffiness.  And,  I wanted the product to be suitable for use as an eye cream during my trip and again to go into my gym bag at the end of my holiday.  I wanted a product that was not going to take up too much space in my plastic bag for liquids going through security and the texture needed to be light as I was going into the heat and humidity of the Caribbean.

It comes in a ‘metal tube’ similar to the Jurlique Lavender Handcream, which means that if it is in a bag with other items, it looks a bit battered.  Assembling the product is a bit of a faff, you have a lid, a nozzle and a ring.  It is not difficult to do… but it takes more time then it should to get into the product.

Lierac  Instant Soothing Eye Contour Balm and Mask is not a balm in the Decleor sense – it is definitely a cream.  The product itself is light and easily absorbed into the skin.  There is no discernible scent and it can be layered without rolling off.  I applied it in quite thick layers during my flight.  Whenever I reapplied a mask, an application of this went on.  It did not leave my eyelids  tacky so I could read blink without my eyelids getting stuck together.  On application, it leaves skin feeling cool and it absorbs quickly.   I also like that fact that it can be applied to the lid as well as the orbital bone.  I really don’t understand why more eye products are not applied to the lid.  For me the skin around my orbital bone is fine, it is the beginning of the crepey lid that I am more concerned about.  It worked well in the Jamaican heat and did not leave  me with greasy eyelids  on a daily basis.


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