Tools of the Trade: Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

My first introduction to blotting papers were from the Body Shop, must be about twenty five years ago now, they were about three by two inches and had a pink powder on them which left pink powder on your face.  Great if you skin is the colour of a strawberry bon bon… not so good for a brown skinned girl.  Added to the fact that they weren’t really absorbent and they left strawberry bon bon coloured powder in your bag.


These Tatchua beauty papers are million miles away from that experience. The packaging is not only beautiful but 100% organic with the image of a Geisha reflecting the brands Japanese heritage.




Feast your eyes on these 100% biodegradable abaca leaf and gold fleck beautiful blotting papers or leaflets as they are called.  The abaca plant is related to the banana plant, commonly referred to as manila hemp, it has been used to make paper for thousands of years.


I don’t have a huge nose, but the blotting papers of old covered about half.  These beauties cover my whole nose.  In addition there is no fragrance and no powder.  Just absorbent abaca paper.  The gold fleck in the leaf does not deposit shimmer  or gold onto the skin but adds to the luxe experience.  The leaflets are very absorbent, removing shine without removing your make up. These beauty papers are delicate, effective, and very beautiful.




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