Sixty Seconds with… Green People Facial Oil

Green People Facial Oil

This five millilitre sample was part of the goody bag from the launch party.  This is a generous sample size so I have really had a chance to get to grips with this product.  It is a great mixture of skin loving oils, jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond, thistle seed, rosehip and avocado oil which my skin is drinking up at the moment. For the past couple of weeks, I have been travelling on public transport for work meetings and the wind really whips around train stations and bus stops.  My face has had a bit of a battering.

Green People Facial Oil

I have been using this oil in the evenings.  Two layers in fact as my skin is drinking it up.  The Rosemary and Rose Geranium essential oil blend create a beautiful fragrance.  It is a lovely way to wind down in the evenings and I find that my skin in the morning is plump and ready for another round of windy train stations.  Green People advertise this as an anti ageing oil, but the main benefit of this for me as been the hydration.

It is meant for the face, but I have also been using it on my hands under handcream.  I have not been wearing my gloves (I know I know) and hanging around waiting for public transport has left them drier then normal. Focusing on the cuticles and the knuckles, I  have seen a real difference in how hydrated my hands have been.

The Green People ethos means that this organic product is suitable for vegans and vegatarians  as well as being fair trade and made without parabens, lanolin synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals or anything other nasties.


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