Favourite Makeup and Fragrance picks of 2017

Best Products of 2017

Despite the fact that I bought fewer beauty products this year, coming upwith my favourite makeup and fragrance picks of 2017 was easy.  I have bought some really good quality products which almost immediately became staples in my bathroom/makeup bag.   Looking across all categories, these products really stood out for their outstanding quality and ease of use.

Elf Foundation Brush

Favourite Beauty Tool of 2017

Elf   Foundation Brush.  This is such a great brush, I use it for primer, powder and foundation and if I am at a push, I can use it for blush and highlight too.  It is affordable and super useful  – another daily use product.

Favourite Brow Product of 2017

Soap and Glory Archery 2 in 1 brow filling pencil and brush

Soap and Glory Brow Archery had instant holy grail status.  It is a brow pencil with a spoolie on the end.  Very straightforward product.  Brilliantly effective, easy to use and well priced.

Favourite Eyeshadows of 2017

I am an eyeshadow fanatic and two releases gave me all the eyeshadow feels.

Viseart Grand Pro Palette

Viseart Grand Pro palette.  It’s a beauty and even though it only joined my collection in November I have literally been using it every day.

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes

Pat McGrath Mothership Subliminal Eyeshadow Palettes.  Another late November purchase but gracious me the quality and the packaging and the shadows are outstanding.

Favourite Lipstick of 2017

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Vicious Venon

Pat MacGrath MatteTrance Lipsticks.  If I could only wear one lipstick formula for the rest of my days, I would (currently) choose this one.    Another show stopper from Mother Pat

Favourite Blush of 2017

NARS Unfiltered 1 Cheek Palette

NARS Unfiltered 1 Cheek palette.  Before I started my project pan challenge, I got loads of use form this and I will continue to do so.  Great ray of colours an dhighlighters with all year round shades.

Favourite Fragrance of 2017

Miller Harris ScherzoxTender

Miller Harris Tender.  Strictly speaking this is a 2018 release but since I got hold of it early I figure it is part of my 2017 edit.  I LOVE this fragrance, it is quite different from other Miller Harris fragrances that I own but it is a fragrance that I always look forward to wearing.

There were lots of good product releases in 2017, but these really are the ones that are front and centre in my collection.   What were your favourite products of 2017?

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