To J’ouvert – to make gorgeous (yes it’s a verb!)


I first met Meridith Hypolite and learned about the J’ouvert range at Keziah Connections so I was very pleased to have an opportunity to get to find out more about Meridith and the J’ouvert Range at the J’ouvert Boudoir Lounge.


When I first met Meridith, she had a sample of her eye shadows with her and I was very very impressed with the level of pigmentation and quality of the colours, so I knew that when I had an opportunity to play with the range, that eyeshadow was what I would pick up. I invested in the three colour compact – it is matt black plastic with J’ouvert on the front in silver writing and comes in a black velveteen cover.  The closure is secure but you won’t break a nail trying to open it.


The eyeshadows are more than double the size of a MAC shadow and the mirror is wide enough to see the whole width of your face (essential for making sure that your shadow and blush application are balanced) and long enough to show just over half the face ie eyes and cheeks, or cheeks and mouth.  The shadows come with a foam shadow applicator, but as I prefer to use a shadow with brushes, I don’t use it.  I was lucky to see a full range of colours at the J’ouvert Boudoir Lounge and I chose my three colours based on the fact that the fact was only room for three  in the palette. It would have been all to easy to pick more colours.


Imperial purple is my signature colour and it is great for an intense smoky look or a for an intense liner look but I have been searching for many years for a mid tone true purple that will show up on my skin.  I am happy to say that I have found it.  A bit like finding the perfect eyelid colour.  This purple has depth but is slightly lighter than imperial purple, which means that it is  great for a single wash of colour, can also be used as a liner and it is the perfect mid tone colour for a purple smokey eye.  In the pan the colour has the smallest amount of shimmer but it not evident on the skin.  It is to all intents and purposes matt.  I love it.


This deep colour is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pigmented.  Meredith informed me that the colour could be used as a shadow or a blush so the first time I used it, I applied colour to the blush brush as I normally would.. and applied and I looked like a child playing with my mothers make up!  I had used WAY too much.   This colour is an intense version of Mac Raizin, less golden tone, more maroon toned.  A very light wash is a great blush for black women.  The depth of colour works really well as a shadow too, especially as a transition colour.  It really blends out beautifully so it is really forgiving if you are a  bit heavy-handed.  Very intense, but a great on those days where you want to wear the same colour on your eyes as your blush, with a slick of mascara and a touch of lip gloss.  It also works on the lip with a balm for a lip colour. For me it is the most versatile colour in the palette.  Love it.


My favourite of the three though is the shimmery burgundy.  Oh My Gosh. Meredith has let me have a sneaky try of this product when I first met her at Keziah connections, so I knew when I got to the J’ouvert Boudoir that I would be leaving with this colour.  This is a shimmer not a glitter, it multifaceted so it catches the light beautifully on the eyes.  It is great on its own for an easy evening look, great as a liner and works brilliantly as part of a smoky eye. I really love it

All three shadows are very very pigmented.  A gentle touch is all that is needed – the colour is easy to build up.  The shadows are very finely milled so they are quite soft in the palette (similar texture to Bobbi Brown shadows) and very smooth on the skin, even the burgundy with the shimmer –  it is not at all gritty.  If you love eye colour, this is definitely a range to consider.  J’ouverting is quick easy and fun and very necessary during the festive season.

Have you J’ouverted?


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