More Makeup Forever (MUFE) Staples

MUFE M630 I634 and Excessive Lash

I’ve added a couple of items to my regular makeup routine and they are all from Makeup Forever.  These items have become my MUFE Staples.

*Excessive Lash Mascara £17.00

MUFE Excessive Lash

Smoky Lash from MUFE is one of my favourite mascaras.  Volume but most importantly length.  The Christmas tree shaped brush coated the lashes in a very black formula.  I really liked it.  Excessive Lash I thought I was not going to be a fan of because this product is all about volume.   I was wrong.  Excessive Lash is a brilliant mascara.  It is true black in colour which is a requirement for me.  The bristles are not prickly and the brush is quite small. I don’t have the largest eyes so these things are really important for me.  Some mascaras get better when they dry out a little.  Other mascaras are only good when they are new. Excessive Lash has been good all the way through and I ‘ve been using is for about two months.  The aluminium packaging is slightly shorter than most standard tubes, which I am not mad about. I’m hoping that it means I can get to more of the product.

MUFE M630 and I634 and Excessive LashThe aluminium tube is hard wearing in the makeup bag but it is the formula that I need to rave about.  This is better than Smoky Lash as it gives the volume but also amazing length and enough curl so that I don’t feel like I need to use eyelash curlers on my very straight lashes. The brush is quite long but not too thick so you can get to the inner lashes and outer lashes without messing up your eye shadow. I have also been loving it with my By Terry Lash Booster.  Lash booster goes on first and Excessive lash over the top.  No clumping and even greater length.

Sweet Chestnut (M630) and Grape (I634) Eyeshadows £13.00

MUFE M630 and I634

I am a huge fan of MUFE eye shadow and am slowly growing my collection of their artists palettes ( I currently have three)  I made a vow about not contouring but bronzing earlier this year… but I find with my round face that having some definition is a look that I enjoy. I had been using  Kiko Eye shadow 215 for a subtle contour from the top of my ears to the middle of my cheeks.  I was loving it so much I hit pan and I was looking for a replacement.

MUFE M630 I634 and Excessive Lash

MUFE shadows are great quality and I’m all about the eye shadow hack so I thought I would give it a go. I did not want to invest in a ‘contour palette’ when I knew the right shade of eye shadow would work equally well.  I look for a brown, not too much deeper than my skin tone.  The benefit of an eye shadow is that you can blend it out and a neutral to cool toned brown gives a good contrast compared to the warm blusher and eye shadow that I usually wear.   It is a very similar shade to the Kiko.  An MUFE single gives you 2 grams of product.  At £13 it is cheaper than Bobbi Brown .  The shade is pigmented, so a light touch on a fluffy brush is key as you ca build it up.  The shade is perfect.  Not too cool to look weird on my but cool enough to give my round face some definition.  Great colour.

Many will not understand how I630 can be a blush.  It is a shimmer with a plum mauve tone.  As an eyeshadow it is beautiful but as a blush it is glorious.  Again, you only need to use the smallest amount so a fluffy brush is key.  It does not have micro shimmer in it and I wear it on those days when I don’t want to do anting to take away from my super duper wing or my perfectly applied lip. It is pigmented but not bright so it does not make my cheeks pop too much which sometimes is what I want.  I tend to apply this just above the contour rather than on the apples of my cheeks for a more lifting effect.  I love it.  It does not scream blush but it adds a flush to the skin.  Sometimes I pair it with Urban Decay Bitter sweet but usually I wear it on it’s own.

MUFE M630 and I634 eyeshadow swatches dark skin

These shadows live permanently in my makeup bag.  The small plastic case is beautifully compact and the strong magnet means they never get loose in the pan. The silicone formula means the products stay on the skin and the large pan size means you can pick up the right amount of product with ease.

MUFE is available from Debenhams.  Prices from £13.00

* asterisk denotes PR sample



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