Pretty Little Palettes: Smashbox Covershot

Smashbox Covershot Bold and Smoky Palettes

Another beauty influencer collaboration has come to market.  Smashbox have teamed up with Shay Mitchell to produce Covershot. Seven eye shadow palettes in a variety of textures and tones.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t know who Shay Mitchell is.  I saw her picture in Boots when I bought the palettes.  A quick look at Wikipedia told me that she is an actress and ‘influencer’ with millions of followers.  Good for her.  The truth of the matter is that I did not buy these palettes because of her involvement. I bought them because I am an eye shadow freak and the colours look blimin amazing.

Smashbox Covershot Bold and Smoky Palettes

Smashbox  would not be my go to brand for eye shadow. I own the double exposure palette. I like it and dip into it occasionally but it is not one of my go to palettes.  So why did I pick up the Covershot palettes then?

Smashbox Covershot Bold and Smoky Palettes

The Packaging

Each of the palettes has a kaleidoscopic exploding shadow type image on the front of the palette.  It is beautiful and hours of fun for everyone.  I could literally stare at them for hours.  The palette is plastic and very robust. This is the perfect palate for travel as the eye shadows are completely safe and the palette is closed with a strong magnet.  Smashbox did a great job with the packaging.

Smashbox Covershot Bold and Smoky Palettes

The Size

The eight shadows are small.  The palette is smaller than my mobile phone, but you still get a good amount of product.  Each shadow is a little less than 0.8 grams. The total weight of the palette is just 6.2 grams.  Cheaper than MAC, not as cheap as Beauty Obsession.  I think that £24 is a very fair price

Smashbox Covershot Bold Palette

Bold Palette

I love bright colours for the eyes and this palette has six matte and 2 shimmer shades.  The shimmers are good, better when wet but the mattes really impressed me.  The Red is as good as Daemon from Illamasqua and the yellow is better than the yellow from the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette.  The array of primary colours makes me happy every time I open it. I just wish they had a proper purple in it. The mauve shade is pretty but it’s not proper purple.

Smashbox Covershot Smoky Palette

Smoky Palette

This palette has surprised me.  I bought it for the green shade but every shade in the palette is good.  The first three times I used this palette I did a black smoky eye, despite the fact that it was 7.30 in the morning and I had a day of spread sheets ahead of me.  The colour are just that good.  Shiny on the lid, easy to blend, true to colour and very long lasting.  What’s not to like?  Nothing.

Covershot Bold Palette Swatches Dark Skin

There are lots of ‘variation on a nude theme’ palettes and social media is going crazy for the orangey tones of the Ablaze palette but Bold and Smokey are definitely the way to go if you like vibrant eye shadow.  There are some silicones in all the textures of the eye shadows and I think this has alot to do with their quality.  They are still a powder texture compared to Makeup Forever which has a slightly more gel finish but much improved from other formulas in the range.

Smashbox Covershot Smoky Palette Dark Skin Swatches

I think that the Covershot palettes are really good value, great quality and pretty to look at.  Run don’t walk to laptop and make your order.

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