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Welcome to October and my #PPLProjectPanChallenge.  I was looking through my beauty stash and realised there there were quite a few product that had been in my collection for a while, that I just was not using.  Not becuase they are bad product, but because I have a sizeable stash.  So, the plan is that I will be really focusing on using these products for the next six months.  This is a rolling Project Pan so if I finish a product I add another one from that category to the rotation.


The Categories

I spent a fair bit of time thinking about the products that I wanted to focus on and this is what I came up with:-

  • Fragrance – I love my fragrance and my collection is growing fast so by focusing on one, I am hoping help my collection be more cohesive.
  • Primer – I am not a huge primer person but I have a fair few half used tubes. Some of them are close to their expieration date so I need to finish them or bin them.
  • Blush  – how often do you hit pan on a blush?  Exactly.  
  • Highlighter – err… my highlighter collecion is getting out of control.  I really need to reign it in.
  • Cream/Gel Product – I love cream products, but they expire quicker than powder products so I am really focusing on them for the #PPLProjectPanChallenge
  • Wild Card – I let myself choose from haircare, skincare or makeup for this one


What I Choose

  • Weleda Grenade – I am half way through the bottle, I like but I dont have a box for it so I want to use it before it expires.
  • Make Up Forever Radiant Primer – I’ve had this for a couple of years and not finished it. It has a 12 months shelf life. I need to get through it.
  • Guerlain  Red Hot Blush Duo – I have been using this blush since 2014 and I still have not hit pan.  Time to get focussed.
  • Ilia Cosmic Dancer Multi Stick – This is such a pretty highlighter but I don’t keep it in my heavy rotation set up.  It is a cream product and it is organic so I really want to use it before it expires
  • MAC Constructivist Paint Pot – I am really trying to use up my products before they expire / dry up.  Constructivist has been in my collection for AGES but interestingly I have never reviewed it.
  • Tom Ford Bruised Plum –  I am a bit sad about this one but it is the perfect wild card.  Bruised Plum is on the turn. It smells different from my other Tom Ford lippies.  I think I have a couple of months left on this one.  I’ve only had it for two years!


#PPLProjectPanChallenge on Instagram

Despite this pretty lengthly (!) blog post, #PPLProjectPanChallenge is an Instagram challenge. I will be doing monthly updatesand my final round up there. Check out the other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge too.







If you are doing a Project Pan  – please leave me your links below so I can see what progress you are making.


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