Newest Rephr Brushes: 23 and 24

I am really enjoying my Rephr brushes. So if any offers come may way that provide a significant discount as someone that took part in the in the Kickstarter programme I tend to make the most of it.
As with previously, I make the order based on the fact that it was buy one get one free (BOGOF) and forget about.  The brushes are hand made in Japan  so these arrived a couple of months later and it is like getting a surprise in the post.

Brush 24: Face Brush

Rephr Brushes 5, 22 and 24

According to Rephr, this brush is the cousin of the 05 brush – only denser. I would describe it slightly differently. The 05 brush is narrower at the base and fans out (after washing). It picks up loose powders and lightly pressed products to give a more diffused look on the skin.

You can build it up easily but you might need to go over the area a couple of times. The 24 brush is a different beast. It is more densely packed, it is wider has a flatter top then the 05. If you pick up a lightly pressed powder like the by terry face designer palette you will end up with clown face (as I did when I first used it). Where the 24 brush excels is with tightly pressed powders. Think NARS wanted palette or Viseart shadows (which I often use for blush).

Blush swatch with brush 22 vs brush 24

One light tap with the 24 brush and you will enough product on the brush as well as the high density bristles means that you can really buff the product into the skin. This makes it good for baked gele highlighters and because it is undyed goat hair it also works for liquids too. If you dont like brush 17 for foundation try 24.

Brush 23: Pencil Brush

Brush 23 vs Brush 03

The 03 pencil brush is one of the best pencil brushes on the market because it is so narrow. I am generally not one to smoke out my lower lash line but I can and do with the 03 brush because the does not take the product way down on my face. The 25 brush is thinner.

Much thinner which is perfect for me. I get the product closer to my lower lash line and can really benefit from taking colour up from the lower lash line to use as the starting point for my winged liner looks. It is the brush that I did not know that I needed until I used it on my face. It gives me the perfect level of under eye colour that does not overpower the look. I can also use it for gel liner on up upper lash line. I would not use it to smoke out shadow on the upper lashline but I would to add colour to intensify the lashline.

Gel liner swatches brush 3 vs brush 5

Final Thoughts

Rephr have a large number of options with respect to purchasing their brushes, it can get confusing. If you are looking for a teeny tiny pencil brush, get the 23 not the 03. If you want a dense multi functional  face brush the 24 is a great option too.  Brushes a bit like mascara are very personal and ultimate only you can decide the best brush type for your unique applicaiton style and product preferences.  That said, I recommend both brushes.

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