We could be lifted… lifted… lifteeeed: Zelens Z Firm Lifting Face and Neck Cream

Zelens Z Firm
Source www.zelens.com

Lighthouse Family geddit?




I found this sample at the bottom of a Space NK bag of goodies.  I love it when samples are put in the bag, it just adds to the fun of the purchase.  Anyway… I found that the 2ml was enough for 5 generous  applications.  I used it as follows:-

Three evenings, twice with a cleansing balm, (riA Tokyo) and toner once with a gel cleanser (Perricone) and toner,

Two mornings, with a  gel cleanser (Perricone) and  toner.

Zelens is  a ‘Doctor’ brand.  Dr Marko Lens is an Italian  plastic and reconstructive surgeon currently practising in London.   Full details about the range can be found at www.zelens.com.  The cream is quite rich.  There is a gentle fragrance, which is more botanical (healthy) then aromatherapy ( pretty) more green then floral but you have to put your nose right into the product.  The range uses a mixture of botanicals and biotechnological ingredients like tripeptides.  When rubbed into the skin the texture is slightly tacky.  A quick look at the ingredients list (which is on the back of the sample) shows glycerin as the second product in the list and  further down dimethicone (silicone).  Glycerin in products reminds me of footcream – strange but true (!) and whilst silicone in a face cream does not irritate my skin, it is something that I would prefer not to see in a face moisturiser, especially one that is recommended for use at night.

I did not feel any immediate tightening, nor did I see the effect of tightening on my skin.   I do not have a saggy face, but there is room for some  tightening.  That said, my skin did feel moisturised, and  it was not irritated.  Sometimes when I try a new product with lots of actives, I get spots but not in this case.  When I used it in the evening, I did not wake up to an oily T-zone and when used in the morning, I found that it was a good base for liquid and mineral make up.  It may be that this product requires a wrinkled and or saggy skin to show best results.  My skin is in pretty good condition, but I am definitely drawn to products that can be used help prevent futurewrinkling and sagging.  I don’t know if this product does that, and after 5 uses, all I can say is that it is a good moisturiser – good, but not great.  I think that moisturisers which focus more on hydration may be better suited to my skin.  This product is a  cosmeceutical, a cosmetic with pharmaceutical ingredients, and that is reflected both in the claims and  the price tag.  This cream costs over one hundred pounds (gasp) per pot.  Now…I’m not averse to spending big money on a cream…  but… I would need to see results.

What’s the most that you would spend on a face cream?


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