Illuminating Fragrance: Christmas In July with Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Candle

How do you feel about the Christmas in July? As I type this it is raining.  It has been raining on and off all week and I am wearing a cashmere jumper and knee high boots.  It’s July!  Retailers, have been bringing the festive season to us earlier and earlier over the years, and they utilise this month to start to the countdown to Christmas.  July is the month when Christmas items are introduced to the movers and shakers in the industry and the month when knitters, crocheter and crafty types start their Christmas knitting in earnest.  So, in that spirit, I thought I would bring you a Christmas candle. In July. If you would prefer to read this post in December, that is absolutely fine.

This Warm Roasted Chestnut candle is packaged beautifully. The snakeskin effect on the box is lovely, but for me does not resonate with the fragrance of the candle, Christmas or the brand. When you put your nose to the box… and inhale… the smell is of… takeaway food. pilau rice to be exact. I like pilau rice,  so this is not necessarily a bad thing, but will burning this candle leave me craving Rogan Josh?

On opening the box, you get first sight of the candle holder which is brown opaque glass. The wax inside is a deep black cherry colour and the wick is a little long and covered in wax, which makes it a bit tricky to trim if your scissors is not very sharp. You definitely need to trim the wick before you burn it, it will smoke otherwise. This is a flat wick candle which burns steadily, all the way to the edges of the glass holder. The lit candle looks beautiful. As the candle burns and the yellow flame is seen through the brown glass, it creates a lovely, homely, and in conjunction with the fragrance, dare I say it – at Christmassy effect.

The candles fills your home with a warm fragrance, not pilau rice but definitely food. When my Mister came home to this scent, he asked me if I was baking because he could smell pie. He was very disappointed to see it was just a candle and proceeded to ask me if I was planning on baking a cake! Further disappointment for him when I said, no plans to bake, only to blog about the candle. The fragrance is warm, sweet with lots of vanilla and a slightly nutty element. It is very comforting, cosy and homely if like me you associate Christmas with food rather than pine needles or snow. The description of the fragrance on the website says that there is spicy berry in the mix but I did not get that whilst I was burning it. The smell in the box is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the smell of the burning fragrance. If you like to combine fragrances, this candle works well with lavender and light citrus scents but my favourite combo is to spray the room with a ginger fragrance while the candle is burning. That was the fragrance cocktail that got me reaching for the Port and the Nat King Cole CD.


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