Makeup Revolution: Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette Review and Swatches

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

I am cultivating an obsession.  A highlighter obsession.  I have been noticing a trend in my make up purchases. I still love my cool toned purples but my cheeks are getting glow-ier and glow-ier as my highlighter game is getting stronger and stronger.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

Last month I wrote about my impulse purchase – NARS albatross.  Not so long ago an impulse purchase would have been a lipstick or a mascara.  Not any more.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

The Ultra Blush  and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar is neither a blush nor a contour palette for me.   It is a highlighter palette and the reason that I bought it was to help me decide which kinds of highlighter worked best on my skin tone since…

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

a) not all highlighters are made equally and

b) not all colours look good on everyone.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

There are a variety of undertones in this palette – gold, bronze, white, pink, rose which is great as you can really get to grips with which shade and texture of highlighter suits you.  Great for highlighter newbies and those looking for budget buys.  That said, I do find that this formula does not last all day on my skin and that the formula seemed to accentuate my pores. That could be me rather then the product – but I don’t have that issue with NARS Albatross #justsayin

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

The colours also worked well as eyeshadows (over a primer).  Then there is the price – six pounds  for the palette means it is seventy five pence per highlighter.  I have used and abused this palette got familiar with the shades and undertones that I like best.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette swatches on Dark Skin

Row 1

1- White frost with a gold frost marble.  Not for me, not even for and inner eye highlight.  I have to work quite hard to blend it out

2 – Pink satin. very pretty on my skin for a subtle effect as a blush topper over a pink or purple blush.

3 – Marbled satin dusky pink with mauve marble.  Very subtle, works as a blush topper

4- Dark gold (not bronze gold) satin finish.  Looks boring in the pan but is BEAUTIFUL on brown skin – love it.

Row 2

5 – Satin beige. I can make it work because it is not frosty but not one that I go to regularly

6 – Rose gold shimmer.  Blends out like a dream and looks FAB on my skin (even if I do say so myself!).

7 – Bronze Shimmer. Beautiful on deep skin tones for a no make up make up highlight

8 – Mid tone matte brown.  Great as an eyeshadow, doesn’t work for me as a cheek colour

If you have a tan / dark / deep skintone  and are looking to play with highlighters, this is a great place to start.  You can mix and blend and work out the shades that work for you.  If you have a fair / light or medium skintone, you will find blushers and contour products in the mix. If you have a normal to dry skin type, you will probably find that these products give you longevity.  with my combination skin however, these powders need a primer for me to get a poreless look.

Like the rest of the bloggersphere I am a Make Up Revolution fan.  Not all the products work for me but the price point means that I can try shades and textures without breaking the bank and there teens in my life who are always happy to take any products that dont  work for me off my hands.


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